Iced tea recipe (not too sweet)

As soon as the good weather comes, we usually prepare liters of iced tea, not too sweet, to alternate with water during the day.

Until our trip to New York in 2015, iced tea and I weren't a great love story. Too bitter, too sweet, too sour... I had never tasted one that was to my liking. A stop at The Bakeshop By Woops in Williamsburg literally changed the game. I had only one obsession on returning: to reproduce the same!

After testing many combinations (and infusion techniques), we ended up developing a recipe that we both really like. I hope it will also become the perfect drink for you to cool off when the temperatures are at their highest.

(for two liters of iced tea)

- A flavored green tea
(We use Superfood Turmeric & Barley Grass green tea from Terre d'Oc)

- A dozen leaves of dried lemon verbena

- A small bunch of mint

- cane sugar

- A lemon


Start by filling a container with two liters of warm water.

Infuse four tablespoons of green tea and the dried lemon verbena leaves in the water. Mix well, and let sit for one to two hours at room temperature.

Then add the small bunch of mint (do not hesitate to crush it a little so that it releases more flavor), and leave to infuse again for an hour.

Pass the tea through a fine strainer, then add a tablespoon of sugar and the juice of half a lemon.

Place it in the fridge for at least 6 hours before tasting it (preferably overnight). Serve with ice cubes!



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